Arte Mariani® is a new expression, a new brand, which intends to give tribute to a modern uniqueness in the style of the depicted motifs, in the final stage of the artwork, in the research of innovative unseen techniques and in the use of vanguard know-how.
The artists of the Mariani atelier, by challenging themselves are able to offer unforgettable works, rich in aura and personality, which complement any space in any home.
Modernity with a sensible heart where the artists belong to the traditional school, born in the laboratory of Mariani Affreschi, the leading name in authentic frescos.
We felt the need, as the Marianis explain, to explore and undertake new challenges, open to artwork inventivity, a line of works dedicated to the contemporary art enthusiasts. Works which can be placed in any setting whether it be a loft of a farmhouse in the middle of nowhere.
Our artists interpret the motives according to their very own sensations, they draw it and develop it, experimenting a mixture of techniques which go beyond the fresco.

Hier können Sie einen Teil unserer offiziellen Kollektion bewundern.

Floral and decorative
In action
Religious motifs