Company Profile

Mariani Affreschi was founded on the initiative and entrepreneurial spirit of its founder Carlo Mariani, who set up the Bronz’art business in 1963 and successfully dedicated himself to marketing home décor products in zamak, pewter and brass.

Towards the end of the 1980s, he fortuitously came into contact with the fascinating world of frescoes and in 1990 decided to transform the company into an “art factory” characterised by unique artworks and handicrafts to create “strappo frescos“.

The radical change involved the entry of new professionals into the company and a large-scale advertising campaign to promote the product.

After the death of the founder in 2003, the reins of the family company were passed down to his children, Alessandro, Alberto and Laura. Today the company proudly collaborates with some of the most talented and professional fresco artists selected from the best art schools and the most renowned artistic environments. Each one specialises in a specific artistic field (from landscapes to religious works, from the grotesque to Renaissance themes, just to name a few) in order to guarantee products of the highest quality in every theme and subject matter.

Visit our online catalogue to admire a collection of the most beautiful works that have been produced in recent years.

In addition to these, other subject themes can be created according to the customer’s request, in the sizes recommended by us or personalised sizes.

Founder of Mariani Affreschi Carlo Mariani

Regolo d’oro prize

Alessandro, Laura and Alberto Mariani

A view of the laboratory

The commercial secret of Mariani Affreschi is to reproduce today, in their workshop, “something from the past” giving anyone, subsequent to the “strappo” method, the opportunity to decorate their home with a beautiful object from the past”.