Placing of fresco

The fresco is a versatile artwork in terms of size, style and possible positions.

In smaller sizes and larger sizes it meets with the approval of interior designers, architects, art lovers and everyone who wants to add an element of great appeal to any kind of environment.

It goes well in any type of setting such as historical and artistic buildings and classic and elegance residences. Angels, classic Pompeian classics, landscapes and trompe l’oeil, only to name a few, up to modern and contemporary works for an assortment that is capable of satisfying a broad range of requirements: hotels, large shopping centres, churches, villas, small homes, retail outlets and public places. The fresco is also perfect for small homes and apartments, therefore people who love decorating their home with smaller objects will surely be able to satisfy their taste for beauty by making their environment unique.

Each fresco is a one-off piece, original and exclusive, and is not mass produced.

The work can be mounted onto a wooden frame with personalised measurements, and hung just like a normal painting. It can easily be positioned and then removed to decorate another environment, wall or room.

Back of the framed fresco.

The fresco can also be glued directly onto a wall, just like wallpaper. In these cases, it usually fills an entire wall, ceiling or a large wall niche, since the sizes can be adapted and personalised.

We will send the work together with the right quantity of glue for a simple and practical gluing of the painting onto a wall. Thanks to the help of an applicator/decorator, you can see your wall magically transform itself into a marvellous authentic fresco, also made possible by the thinness of the canvas.


Rolled fresco ready for shipping.

It is important to note that, contrary to what is commonly believed, the fresco is not a delicate work, so much so that it is often used to decorate bathrooms, locations with high humidity content, pools and even outdoor areas. This is made possible by the skill and careful and scrupulous technique of our artists, and by the use of special insulating materials and paints aimed at preserving the beauty of this fascinating and eternal beauty in any type of atmospheric condition.